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Vadim Osipov, CEO

About company


Slotex is dynamically growing company, which is highly innovative and diversified. We specialize in manufacturing of modern materials of a very high quality for furniture production, interior finishing and construction.

Corporate fundamentals











Customer oriented approach

We understand quality as:
   - manufacturing products, which exceed compatible products in qualitative indicators;
   - high quality of production and management processes, confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certificate.


We are ivolved in international investigation and innovation activities, which helps us to continuously improve our products, accomplishing our products, better their qualitative descriptions and also to develope and launch innovative products on the market.


We take our customers, supplies and personnel as partners. Mutual cooperation is built on basis of trustful private ralationships. We belive that this approach is a guarantee of a long-term partnership, which definitely leads to success.


Our main objective is to satisfy our customers` needs and expectations at the most. In our activities we`re always guided by our customers`s interests. We use flexible ways to provide the best services to meet their demand by manufacturing innovative products of high quality and treating our clients as partners.